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About us

About us

The VIETTAX Consulting Joint Stock Company (VIETTAX) is a branch name to be well known in Vietnam by the reputation of intensively and deeply tax consulting engagement for foreign clients doing business in Vietnam. VIETTAX is well known more than its branch name with its founders who are ambitious to build up VIETTAX to be one of five leading local professional tax agents in Vietnam.

The VietTax Consulting Joint Stock Company (VIETTAX) officially commenced its operation on 01 July 2007 in accordance with the Business Registration No. 0203003210 dated 13 June 2007, tax code is 0200747399. The Company has offices in Ha Noi and Hai phong City.

The main activities of VIETTAX are tax consulting, tax agent, accounting service and financial advice. The registration of tax agent of VIETTAX has been certified by Official Letter 3195/TCT-PC dated on 20 August 2010 from The General Department of Taxation.
Key personnel team of VIETTAX are leading professional experts on finance, tax, accounting and auditing, who are deeply experienced in their professional fields, as well as in business investment environment in Vietnam.
Clients of VIETTAX are of various business sectors and scales, from manufacture, trade to service; from small and medium enterprises to groups, state-owned enterprises, FDI companies and also national and international organizations.
Partners of VIETTAX are Auditing Firms, Financial Consultants, Law Firms, Banks, who are leading in launching and expanding retail financial services as well as experts of tax, finance and audit in Vietnam.
VIETTAX together with its network are able to provide comprehensive solutions with high quality and in-time as committed.
VIETTAX is aiming at establishing the Brand Name with high quality Service for TaxPayers.

Why Striking Why choose us

We understand that having the right team structure is critical to delivering the high quality service that you expect. The selection of the right team of professionals to serve the Company is our most important engagement decision.

Our core team structure assumes a significant portion of partner and manager time to ensure that decisions and judgments are resolved promptly and that best practices visibility is spread across the Company’ operations.

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